Logical Proof of The Soul Based on String and Quantum Theory

I had an epiphany based on several conversations with my wife over the weekend about attaching intent to mathematics and to the idea of “random chance”. This epiphany was reinforced by a development conference where I had several conversations with incredibly intelligent colleagues over the past week. At work today (where I am a logical mathematician and tools designer by trade) the idea came into clarity of view with a very sudden realization. Which I believe actually proves the “nature of the soul” and scientific possibility of even gods existing mathematically.

String theory says the 5th dimension is “probability”. The missing logic leap here though is found in Chaos theory, which I am a firm subscriber to. I believe chaos theory is closer to law than theory from a logic standpoint, because as a mathematician I know the impossibility of writing a math function that returns a true “random” number (in code random numbers are usually based on system clocks, or deterministic algorithms with a “seed values” that returns a procession of random numbers that can be normalized to a min/max value). By the nature of chaos theory itself it would be almost impossible to prove because the premise of the theory itself is based on the complexity of theoretical predictability in complex systems (basically making the theory itself impossible to prove, but quite easy to understand).

There is however, a simple layman’s way to summarize chaos theory. There is no such thing as “random” in reality. Everything has a cause that results in an effect and when the number of causes are compounded to create a specific effect, it is simply too complex to assess all variables affecting the outcome of any system, we (“we” in the global sense of the term) invented something called “random” to compensate for “too complex to calculate” (we also tend to assign intent to that, because the result of unpredictability is similar to the result of intention, more on that later) the point though, is that in fact, there is no “random”.

Now college level math students might argue that “probability” can be mathematically calculated. Yes, kind of, within a margin of error and given no sabotage of the system, it is entirely something you can estimate with math, but it is just that, a well educated logical estimate based on known factors, knowing there is also a possibility that probability will turn out incorrect when tested.

It is possible that you can flip a coin 100x and get heads every time by pure chance. If I could calculate and control every factor involved in a coin flip. If I were able to make a machine that flips a coin with the exact same force every time, in a vacuum with no dust or wind or variation in air density, onto a surface with no variation, and account for every other possible variable, given identical conditions I could guarantee 100 heads in a row. Probability in math is not calculating the outcome, it is calculating within a margin of error the probable % chance of any outcome, and in practice that could come out wrong due to Chaos theory.

“Margin of error” is the key term, the reason there is error is due to the entire possible effective minutia within the system that can affect change but can’t be monitored. You may have heard of the butterfly effect. This idea is that a butterfly can affect weather patterns, and is used to demonstrate the example of a system that is far too complex to predict an outcome with certainty. However even though it’s impossible to calculate it is not impossible to recognize that there must be a finite number of factors causing weather patterns. The conclusion one must draw is that THEORETICALLY although not practically you could predict and control the outcome. Chaos theory states the slightest change to any small factor in outcome (butterfly effect) can dramatically affect outcome.

OK so reset string theory’s 5 dimension, probability doesn’t affect the 4th dimension it is a way to predict the 4th dimension and discuss all possibility, but it is not the driver of the 4th dimension or the lens we view it through when we “pull back”.

Each dimension exists because it gives us a reference point in which to view the other dimension.

0D = an infinitely small point that can’t be defined in space because there is no point of reference to compare it to (no dimensions, no variation, no variable)

1D = a line connecting 2 points creating a frame of reference giving both points the ability to reference the other and create a measurable float called distance.

2D = a plane created by a 3rd point creating a 2 dimensional space that contains the vector2 multiplication result of “Area”.

3D = a 4th point of reference in space creating a vector3 when multiplied creates volume.

4th dimension = time. This is a new frame of reference for any point in 3D space of movement, or changing in 3D space over time. The “it moved” affect for those that don’t like math…
So now we come to the need for a unique function of existence that changes time then. I believe Einstein figured this one out, and it’s certainly not random chance or possibility that is the dimension we step back to view and manipulate time with. We just proved logically that “random” doesn’t actually exist.

I believe the answer is far more simple and obvious. We can say “how do we see time, how do we hear it, how do we feel it? It’s all a system of vibration. All our senses respond to this vibration over time. The vibration we call “energy transfer”.

My theoretical answer to “what manipulates time” as well is “what is the lense we see time through” is in fact energy both potential and kinetic. If the path of ANY object is going to be changed over time, the only thing that can change it is application of force in the form of energy. To simplify, if I have a car at rest it takes energy to move it. Gravity is force energy, transfer of energy from collision… Energy is responsible for ANYTHING that alters a timeline, and it is the only thing that manipulates the timeline of any 3D object, and it is also the LIMIT of the 4th dimension. Einstein proved nothing can move faster than light, but what is the rational explanation for that? Because it would exceed the boundary of its dimension, like nothing in the 3rd dimension can change without time, nothing in the time dimension can change without energy.

What manipulates energy then? There is only one answer to what can cause energy to “magically” change. That is Intention. The phenomenon of the observer in quantum mechanics actually suggests that by viewing a quantum particle, we force it into singularity. Observational extraction of energy used to detect or view a quantum particle forces it to exist. Intention/Consciousness is the “lens” by which we affect the 5th dimension, however in reality I believe emotion is the lense we use to compel energy and that would be the 6th dimension.

The 6th dimension is our emotions, the polarity of various states of emotional stability compells us to act. The motivation factors in our desire to act or move or intervene in the 4th (time) dimension is our emotional balance between fear, excitement, love, hate, anger, desire etc… We both interpret and drive our emotions through the 7th dimension, which is our consciousness.

The 7th dimension is in fact consciousness. Without consciousness we would have no way to read or manipulate emotion. I can “decide” to reach out and grab my wife’s hand based on reading the emotional desire to do so, this conscious decision manipulates the energy in my brain which drives my muscles to burn energy and flex which manipulates my arm to reach out and grab her hand in the 3rd dimension. It is in fact the only thing that can cause unpredictability in 5th dimensional systems. Consciousness is the only catalyst in the universe for reversing entropy (the slow simplification of all things). Consciousness creates order. We have been aware of this force for millennia, this translates to consciousness, soul, spirit, ch’i, free will, every religion and science recognizes the existence in some way of this concept. Energy can be viewed and measured by us, so by the very dimension of the planes of existence it can’t be our the dimension we exist in, (measuring electrical energy in the brain on an EKG can tell us what you ARE doing, but can’t tell you WHY you are doing it, we don’t read emotion or consciousness with these machines, we only read the resulting energy manipulation), You can’t measure intention with any machine, you can only measure the resulting manipulation of energy.

Calling the 5th dimension “probability” is a way to admit there is something we can’t measure that creates the myth of “random” outcome. This myth is created by having too much data to crunch, and the wrong tools that would be required to find the patterns and process all the data reliably. We know that energy dramatically changes paths of 3D objects over the 4th dimension, over time. Anything that manipulates energy (bombs, fuel, etc… ) can change the path of an object. But the question remains: what changes energy? Desire/will/intent – they are the same thing. It boils down to one word… LIFE is the 7th dimension. The reason we don’t have a lense to view life, or to see it, is because “we” (conscious beings) exist in this dimension, and like the dimensions of string theory, we would need to be existing in an 8th dimension to truly view or comprehend the 7th.

By definition we cannot “see” the dimension we exist in because we cannot “step back to look at it”. I can struggle to control how I feel (it’s not easy but it’s possible to “decide to be happy”), I can definitely control where I put my energy as a result of how I feel, and that energy can manipulate time to change a 3D object, and affect the outcomes of it’s timeline. I can desire to change my perspective and attempt to rationalize my emotions to alter them with logic but I am using my own free will to manipulate my emotional state, so it’s the equivalent of a rock using potential energy that suddenly turns into kinetic energy when it breaks loose from a cliff and falls. It’s intent manipulating emotion. By law, a dimension cannot be aware or manipulate it’s own dimension without the dimension above (the 3rd dimension doesn’t change time, that flow is a one way street, but without time the 3rd dimensional object can’t alter another 3rd dimensional object). Therefore in energy’s dimension, there is no free will to alter. It is free will’s existence alone that allows it to manipulate energy.

When a spirit or consciousness “leaves” a body we can measure on an EKG that electrical activity has ceased in the brain “brain death” is when intention stops driving electrical energy. We see no electrical “activity”, and because we can’t see or view the plane we exist on by definition, we would need to be on the 8th dimension to see or view that with a lens of some kind. Our dimension is only visible if we can “Step back” along an alternate plane, therefore we can’t conceptualize the soul but I can say definitively the soul is not electrical. We can see and understand energy, so “we” must have a lens called consciousness to view it “we” our conscious mind cannot BE energy if we can see it and manipulated it. We cannot conce1ptualize intention or singular consciousness because it’s what we are.

So if we just “proved” the soul (in this context free will, consciousness, “thought”l, all of what you know “I think therefore I am”) exists since we proved it can affect a dimension below. What could GOD be in this context? What could god be in a purely 7th dimensional (energy) mathematical concept since all religion believes god cannot affect free will? If the god theory is that he/she/it is able to predict all things and change all things in the 4th dimension apart from free will then god, like us, must manipulate the 4th dimension through energy, which means god has free will of his own. However he/she/it theoretically is able to actually see all factors that result in outcome, unlike us (a god can see the butterfly effect, and because it can manipulate energy, it can make a small change and dramatically affect outcomes predictably, basically god would be a 7th dimensional being that can control every dice roll as if the dice were loaded). So like Hawking said, “I can admit the mathematical possibility of god, but I can’t understand the requirement of his existence”, but I do believe he would care about us by experiencing emotional empathy the way we do in the 6th dimension. I can see how he/she/it could affect our timeline and could manipulate small things to make dramatic change (works in mysterious ways). I can even see how he/she/it could hear and perceive our energy and therefore “hear our prayers”. I doubt he would want us to murder each other and if he is on the same plane of free will that we are, then he probably doesn’t care about punishing us in the afterlife for all eternity for how we choose to change energy.

I believe we must exist in the 7th dimension since consciousness manipulates electrical energy in the brain, I believe that by definition we cannot “step back” to view our own plane of existence along the 8th dimension because in our dimension “nothing can manipulate free will”. So like a balloon viewed in 2 dimensions sinking vertically through a plane, it would appear as a circle changing size. It is impossible to see enough variation in its full shape from one 2D segment and anyone in the 2D world who suggested the possibility of a balloon shaped sphere would be met with instant skepticism regardless of the validity of their concept. We would have the same problem attempting to view a 7th dimensional being from the 7th dimension, I believe we have the ability to sense it and know it exists as we could “sense” a balloon in 2D may be more than a circle when seen on a 2D plane from the 3rd dimension. To a 2D being it would look like a line without the 3rd dimension. Much in the same way to a 7D being emotion appears as the last dimension we can sense but not really even “view” (as we “see” through energy and emotion is a dimension above, it can be known… we can be aware of it, but not see it). Sadly you can only measure one dimension below your own (we can measure energy and see the world through the lens of energy). Calling free will random electricity is as ignorant as calling a circle a “line” because you can only see objects on your own plane of existence as an object 1 plane below it doesn’t mean that’s all it is. We would need an 8th dimensional lens to “see” consciousness and give it a reference point to measure it against (I don’t believe that dimension exists).

Quantum Physics Message For Indigo Children

Hello little ones. This is a special message just for you. Grown ups may not understand it, but you will.

You have just recently left Heaven, which in today’s Age of Aquarius is called the Quantum Ocean or the Mind of God.

But you already know that. You know so much more than any one else, Teachers, Ministers, Parents etc. Why? Because you have just ‘blinked out’ of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and are ready for the beginning of another incarnation.

You have not forgotten who you are, where you came from or where you are going. Don’t ever let anyone interfere or try to erase these wonderful memories.

You are now immersed in a world that was made by the Thoughts and Feelings of those living on the planet now. There exist very many erroneous thoughts and belief systems carried over from the Age of Pisces surrounding you.

Ignore them all. You are a child of the Age of Aquarius. And you are probably a child with an Indigo Aura. You know that you are a soul who has incarnated out of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God to experience physical reality and to build and refine your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

Yes, you are a Soul who builds your own bodies. You are an infinite spiritual being dwelling in the light surrounded and protected by other spiritual beings.

You know the mysteries of existing both in the Mind of God and in the physical reality all around you.

A mystery that is befuddling to parents as well as all the great minds of science, theology and education. Since they refuse to add ‘God’ to their equations, they will never know these deeper truths.

But you know them for you are newly arrived from the Mind of God.

You have started on a new voyage, a new incarnation. You are so much better off than those who have come before you. You are the New Age children of the Age of Aquarius.

You have been given the gift of the Laws of Quantum Physics to help you throughout your life. You do not need any experts or textbooks to explain to you what the Laws of Quantum Physics are.

You know that you live in the world of Quantum Physics. You live in an infinite Ocean of Thinking, Intelligent Energy called the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

You know there is no time nor space where you are.

You know that you live move and have your being in an infinite, timeless, space less point, called the Mind of God. The physical world of Time and Space that you have incarnated into is the sum total of all the realities of those who have come before you. They built it.

Now it is your time to create your reality. And with you remembrances and the tools of Quantum Physics your world will be Happier, Healthier, Wealthier. It will be a more Spiritual Reality for yourself than the one you see around you today.

By creating a better reality, you a single Soul in the Mind of God, will improve the realities of every other Soul on the planet.

You are important! You are You!

Spiritual Quantum Physics – Fall of Age of Pisces

The Fall of the Age of Pisces

Now that we have rotated around our Galactic Sun into a thirty degree Arc in space called ‘The Age of Aquarius’, ‘The Age of Pisces’ will die.

Just as our Earth rotates around our Sun once a year, our whole Solar System rotates around our Galactic Sun every 2000 years.

The energies that we will be experiencing throughout our whole Solar System will be different. It will be new energy that we can use to create new realities for ourselves. The ‘Age of Aquarius’ will be a mental energy. The ‘Age of Pisces’ was an emotional energy.

The ‘Age of Aquarius’ will be an age of ‘I Know.” Many of the so called secrets of our Solar System and Galaxy will be opened to us.

Man stands on the brink of an Age that will raise his consciousness and his wisdom and knowledge.

We have 1950 years left in this marvelous journey around the Galactic Sun.

Already we have discovered the Laws of Quantum Physics, the Sciences of Radionics and Orgone Generation and the Internet. Who knows what the next 1950 years will bring.

New Sciences, new religions, new healing techniques, new harmonious ways to live and share the planet, new visitors from other parts of our Galaxy.

This new mental energy of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ is pure energy not yet manifested into physical objects or realities. It is up to us to use our minds and shape this new Galactic energy to create a healthier, happier world.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of intelligent thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean. Spiritual Quantum Physics calls it the Mind of God.

We live, move and have our being in this Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. Our thoughts interact with the infinite intelligent energy of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and we create our physical reality that we see all about us. We create our lives.

We can now use our mind to create thoughts that will interact with the intelligent energy of the Quantum Ocean and create a new reality for ourselves and mankind.

The one basic rule of Spiritual Quantum Physics is that thoughts are things and they create. Therefore stop thinking about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you do want.

The ‘Age of Aquarius’ with it’s new energy will be with us for 1950 more years.

The ‘Age of Pisces’ is dying. The energy that creates all the Piscean realities, has stopped. We no longer exist in that part of our Galaxy, called ‘The Age of Pisces.’ Therefore there is no cosmic energy to keep the ‘Age of Pisces’ energies running.

Frank Buck, the great ‘White Hunter’ who filled our zoos with captured animals told a story about a water buffalo. One day while he was out hunting with his gun bearer, a huge water buffalo arose out of the lake and charged them. Buck reached for his big bore gun from his gun bearer, aimed, fired and killed the water buffalo. But the power and momentum of the dead buffalo kept it coming. It brushed Buck and killed his gun bearer.

The gun bearer was killed by a ‘dead buffalo’ because of it’s momentum.

Don’t let the dying edifices of ‘The Age of Pisces’ fall on you and kill you. Get out of it’s way.

It will take another hundred years or so before these dinosaurs of the Piscean Age will die but they will take millions of unconscious people with them.

What are some of these dying Piscean institutions? The formal dogmatic religions, the outdated political systems, the chemically, scalpel orientated AMA, the huge shark like corporations, the war machines, the ignorant educational systems to name a few.

The ‘Age of Pisces’ was governed by the words ‘I Believe.’ Mankind believed for 2000 years what a few self-appointed leaders in all fields told them.

Now, in the ‘Age of Aquarius’, the key words are ‘I Know.’ Man will individually be given the chance to know what life is all about and not have to take another’s belief system of what life is all about.

A great teacher 2000 years ago told man what to do it is still valid today. ‘Come ye out from amongst them, and let the dead bury the dead.’ Let Pisces bury itself.

Quantum Swing Trader Reviews – Is it For You

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In this article I will review Quantum Swing Trader and I hope it will help you come to a decision of whether or not this course is right for you.

Quantum Swing Trader is a comprehensive course which was created by Bill Poulos specifically for swing trading strategy and management. The entire course is delivered through video lessons (though you also get written manuals). What I like about this course, and why I think it’s an excellent resource is this:

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However, Quantum Swing Trader isn’t for everyone. For one, this isn’t a cheap course. It’s for people who take their trading seriously and wish to make the most with it and are prepared to invest in their trading education. Also, this course takes some time to learn as the lessons are filled to the brim with information, tips, techniques, and strategies. If you’re looking for some magical solution, this isn’t it.

Quantum Swing Trader is highly recommended for people who wish to take their trading to a whole new level.