How Can the Quantum Wealth System Help You in Your Genewize Business?

There has been much fanfare in recent months with the launch of Genewize Life Sciences. The reason for this stems from what Genewize can do for your health. But for people that want to use the product, as well as get the word out to build a business, that’s where the Quantum Wealth System comes into play. Let me explain.

Many people raid their neighborhood health stores in an attempt to become as healthy as they can possibly be. Nothing wrong with that. They buy every pill, potion, and lotion in an attempt to feel and look there best. And although you may think this is the best option, is there a better one?

That’s where Genewize tries to help. For the people who believe in this “buy every vitamin and mineral out there,” mentality, the problem is this; Every persons biological and genetic makeup is different. Given this fact, it just stands to reason that there nutritional demands will be different.

Some individuals may need more of certain vitamins and minerals, and less of others. Other individuals will be the opposite (less of some and more of others). Some may need certain compounds that are not even found in your typical supplements.

That is the reason you may not be doing yourself justice by taking a “one size fits all approach,” which is buying every pill or potion on the market. In order to obtain optimal health, you need supplementation that is tailor made for your specific body. Anything else is a waste of supplementation.

So let’s say that you are sold on the product, and you want to tell the world about it, but that the traditional model of MLM does not tickle your fancy (hotel meetings, cold-calling business opportunity leads, bugging your friends, etc.,). What to do?

That’s where the Quantum Wealth System comes into play. This is a collaboration between Daegan Smith and Michael Anderson, both extremely successful people in the Network Marketing field. Actually, Daegan Smith himself has come out of retirement in order to promote this Genewize opportunity (tells you how impressed he is about this opportunity).

The Quantum Wealth System is an automated prospecting system that qualifies, teaches, and duplicates your downline for you without you personally having to make phone calls, sales presentations, personal selling, or answering questions.

It is all built into the system for you on autopilot. There is also a funded proposal built into the Quantum Wealth System so the person using the system can become cash positive as fast as possible WITHOUT recruiting a single member. This also helps pay for the marketing so you can grow your business without coming out of pocket. This is done by adding income streams to the autopilot system. This system works for you 24/7 without any maintenance on your part.

But the absolute best part of the system comes from the training. In most autopilot systems, they offer either no training, or training that is too advanced for the newbie or even intermediate marketer to use. Another negative is that they only offer marketing training where they only teach paid advertising techniques.

This is where the Quantum Wealth System shines. First off, they offer video marketing to make it super simple. Just sit down, click the “play” button, and watch. Another great aspect is that the video’s aren’t super long, so I am able to actually pay attention. They only teach the meat of the material, with no fluff. Get to the point, teach it thoroughly, and move on.

One other great aspect of the training is that they give you a plan to follow every morning. This is great because they don’t just teach the material, then just throw you to the wolves to figure out HOW to put it all together. They give you a 58 minute plan of action to follow every morning (or night, depending on your schedule) so even the newest of marketers can get up to speed right away. And these are the techniques that Daegan himself has used to build his business to six figures per month (yes, per month, not per year).

So if you are interested in what Genewize has to offer and you are looking for an automated system to use (and get a top notch education in marketing at the same time from a seven figure earner), then check out the Quantum Wealth system.