Quantum Wealth System – A Review

The Quantum Wealth System is a collaboration between Daegan Smith and Michael Anderson. Both have become very successful in the Network Marketing arena, and they have joined forces to create a push button recruiting system that helps the average network marketer to become more than average.

The Quantum Wealth System is based around the funded proposal concept, which means that it has multiple built in income streams to help the network marketer become cash flow positive while they are building there business. The positive cash flow helps pay for the marketing so you can continue to grow your business, as well as putting money in your pocket in case no one joins your opportunity.

How the Quantum Wealth System works is this; After you sign up for the Quantum Wealth System, you have an arsenal of tools at your disposal, all at the click of a mouse in your back office. First, you have an email series that is already loaded and sent out automatically when someone opt-in’s to the system.

And you do not just have an email series for prospects in the Quantum Wealth System. You also have an email series for Prospect Upgrades, new applicants, and members who are underneath you. All is visible for viewing in your back office. You can also see all these different emails that the Quantum Wealth System sends to your prospects. They load them in your back office so you can see them beforehand.

The email series is great for the lazy and broke marketer who doesn’t want to:

o Pay for an Autoresponder service
o Make up an email series for the prospects

But in case you do have an Autoresponder series and want to be more hands on, they do have an export feature where you can export them.

Another feature of the Quantum Wealth System is the Ad Campaign Tracker. QWS realizes that tracking your marketing is important, as it will tell you what is working and what isn’t, so you know what to improve on, and what to do more of. This Campaign tracker allows you to do just that by adding it to your different marketing campaigns. All the information about your marketing efforts (how many people visited your website, how many opted in, etc.,) can be seen in the back office as well (using the Ad Tracking). Don’t worry if this sounds confusing to you. There are short in depth video tutorials on how to use the system in your back office.

Right now you might be asking yourself, “That’s great and all, but how do I advertise the system to get everyone to my site on autopilot?” This is where the Quantum Wealth System shines.

They have detailed, step by step video tutorials on how to market your MLM opportunity, which is Genewize in this case. Daegan Smith himself is giving out his secrets that have netted him six figures per month. Why would he do this, you might ask?

It’s simple. Daegan has recently come out of retirement to promote Genewize (the opportunity that the Quantum Wealth System promotes) because he firmly believes in the product and thinks that it is the future of nutrition. Since the name of the game in Network Marketing is duplication, it is only logical that he teaches everyone he brings in everything he knows about marketing on the internet. He has done that with the Quantum Wealth System. He teaches his secrets with the use of video tutorials.

And get this; Unlike other network marketing courses that throw a huge amount of information at you and expects you to figure out where to start, he gives you a morning checklist on exactly what to do every day to explode the traffic. And this checklist takes only 58 minutes to implement. Great stuff and something i haven’t scene in other automated systems.

Even if you are not a fan of the opportunity that the Quantum Wealth System promotes, the Internet Network Marketing education you receive from the system is a once in a lifetime opportunity in itself from someone who has been wildly successful in this game.

So if you are serious about Internet Marketing and Network Marketing in general, you would be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t at least check out the Quantum Wealth System.

Quantum Physics and the New Spiritual Educational System

Now that we have entered into the Age of Aquarius, and will remain there for 2000 years, we must find new ways of doing things. The new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics have given us the tools to help us make these positive changes. But, we must use the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics which will lead us to freedom and individualization. These are two key words for the Age of Aquarius. Scientific quantum physics as taught in the universities and practiced by the scientists, doctors and physicists will just lead us to more materialism and spirituality-dead technology. The single most important change humanity must make is to stop rushing down the path that leads to more materialism and technology. We are spiritual beings – not robotic consumers.

It is time to use the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics and head slowly but steadily up the path that leads to spirituality. Where does one begin to make these changes? How do we change our direction? With the children! A great man said in 1940, “children are our most precious assets.” We need, as parents and grand parents, to take control of our children’s lives once again. We need to free them from the clutches of what today is called “the educational system.” Our educational system stinks! More than stinks, it is destroying our children’s minds.

We need to completely overhaul our educational system or get out of the way and let It fall under the weight of its own arrogance and stupidity. Another great man said, 2000 years ago, “come ye out from amongst them and let the dead bury the dead.” The dead rule our educational system. The living children only obey.

If we can’t slowly change our educational system then it is time for every caring parent and grand parent to take their children out of the school system and “home school” them. Let me give you some of my reasons why I think the present school system, from kindergarten through college is dangerous to our children. I speak from experience. Being a retired math professor of 18 years. I have seen the results of public education. Formal education today is 100% against the natural structure and function of what a child is and should become.

Today’s formal education is a stupid-making factory. Its curriculum create a systematic retardation of the individual. Today’s schools have turned into baby-sitters that take the children off the controlling hands of their parents. It is a form of social engineering that conditions and brain washes the children to make them obedient slaves to the business and commercial leaders. It seems, by and large, to be a form of mental rape of the student who is forced into non-life related studies. Today it truly seems as if the “authorities” in education, commerce and religion and the other institutions want machines that think and people who don’t and can’t. Save your children. Home school!

How to Keep Indigo Children Healthy With Quantum Physics

Indigo children is the term used to describe children born during the New Age of Aquarius; who are believed to have a higher state of human evolution. This includes, but is not limited to, increased paranormal abilities, being intellectually gifted, unusually creative, along with extremely high empathy and moral sensibility.

The new Age of Aquarius, which has just begun and will be with us for the next 2000 years has given us a new paradigm for healing.

This new paradigm is called the Laws of Quantum Physics. And these laws tell us that all is energy contained with an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean or Mind of God.

These new Age children who are born during the Age of Aquarius are indeed “Special.” Not BETTER than other children but different.

Their differences are in the form of vibrations. Just as a violin can reach higher notes than a cello. Neither is better than the other only different in vibrational frequencies.

Our whole Solar System has rotated around our Galactic Sun and placed us in a new position. This new position, which will last 2000 years, has a new S.T.E.M. (space, time, energy, matter) continuum.

The Indigo children vibrate to this new S.T.E.M. Not the S.T.E.M. of the dying Age of Pisces, which has just now passed.

Therefore their health and well being depends upon the parents applying the new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics to their every need.

The new paradigm is all about energy and vibrations. The Indigo children must be treated with the new energy healing sciences of Homeopathy, Cell-salts, Color healing, Flower remedies and Radionics, to name a few.

They must never be subjected to vaccinations, drugs, scalpels, MRI’s, X-rays or any of the harmful Age of Pisces healing techniques.

Their vibrations are too refined and delicate for these barbaric and intrusive methods.

As important as the application of energy healing techniques is, there is also something more important, a harmonious environment. Above all else, the home of the Indigo child should be peaceful and harmonious.

The new laws of Quantum Physics are explaining the Laws of Attraction to us. They tell us that when parents are angry or in bad state, they attract more anger and mis-fortune from the environment around them, and spread it throughout the home.

And even though the anger may not be directed at or towards the Indigo children, they feel it. Like the all the rest of the biological family they live, move and have their state of being in the same “fish bowl” of vibrations.

The parents anger, hostility, hate, and fear will fill the water in the “fish bowl” with negative vibrations. These negative vibrations will enter the Indigo child harming them, in the form of illness.

More and more we are finding out that all physical illness’s are caused by negative emotions or energy blockages caused by these same negative emotions.

Make the home a peaceful and harmonious place for your Indigo child.

As far as education goes, you don’t have to teach the Indigo children about the Laws of Quantum Physics and the Age of Aquarius. They already “know.”

Be very careful when you consider sending your Indigo child to a Public School. Most Public Schools have horrendous vibrations and it is not a good atmosphere for the sensitive Indigo Child.

Home schooling in a harmonious atmosphere or get a private tutor. If you go back in history, you will see that most great men and women of Science, Art, Literature, Politics were either Home Schooled or had a private tutor.

If you are fortunate enough to have an Indigo child, treasure them and protect them from inharmonious frequencies at all cost.

They have come to teach us.

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Spiritual Quantum Physics Unlocks Hidden Money Fears

Hi, this will be one of the most unique articles I have written to date. Why? Because now I will share with you some of my deepest fears. I thought about this for awhile and now I have decided to do it.

The more I study Spiritual Quantum Physics and the New paradigm of the Science of Radionics the more I understand that we are all indeed connected.

So these dark secrets that I have been carrying around with me for 70 some odd years are also may be the same kind carried around by some of you reading this article.

I would not share it if I had not found out a “solution” for eliminating them.

I have been quite successful in my work career. Being an electrical engineer for the City of New York and A Math professor in Arizona. I made a descent living.

But I could never make more money above and beyond the hard work I put into my jobs. Money always came to me very difficultly. I was always robbing Peter to pay Paul

Been there?

The New Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics tell us that we are energy and we attract into our life the energies we carry in our aura. A lot of these energies in our auras may be hidden there for many years, like mine.

The bottom line is that if I desire more money to do the things I want to do and I try to “ATTRACT” It to me It just don’t happen. I am sure that the energy of money will find its way to my aura (energy field). BUT it never manifests into my physical reality. If the blocking energies I carry within my aura (known or unknown) are stronger than the new money energies trying to get in. It won’t happen. The same I true of Love energy and Health energy.

Life is all about energy and power. If I have a 240 volt negative money energy field around my aura and I am only able to generate a 120 volt attract energy charge. Well you see what I mean.
In this new Age of Aquarius all is energy – yes it is all about energy.

So now I knew that I was my own worst enemy. I had something inside of me that I could not put my finger on that was stopping me from manifesting the money energy I tried too hard to do.

Then I tried a lot of meditation and as I did I noticed that my intuition was getting stronger and I was being led to internet sites and eBooks that were helping me understand what was going on inside of me energy wise.

I was led to the Karl Welz Radionics sites. I studied and read and reread all his information.

Simply speaking he said that all life is based upon Chi energy, Prana, Life Force. The more life force one carries in his aura the more happier, healthier and wealthier he can make himself.

Since health, wealth and money are energy vibrations just like you are, if you have a method of attracting more (modulated health, wealth, love) Life Force into your life the more of these you will have.

So I purchased one of his inexpensive Karl Welz Chi Orgone Generator and started to use it for my meditations.

The first positive experiences I had were that my dreams got more vivid. Many of them brought forward things from my past (60-70 years ago.)

Then BINGO it happened during one of my meditations.

My Father! He and I did not get along right from the start. He was a very strict disciplinarian. He was a very hard worker, a common laborer who worked with his back. Always tired and always broke.

Then two money blockage events in my life came through the dark clouds of the past into my consciousness.

One time I was about 4-5 and I was standing by the stoop of our apartment house in Brooklyn. My spinster Aunt Mary came by and as always she talked to all the children. Then she reached into her purse and came out with several nickels.

She started to give all the kids a nickel (in the 40’s, a nickel was a lot of money to a kid) and as she was about to give me one. I reached out for it as my father came by. Just as the nickel reached my hand he slapped it very hard so that the nickel flew away. He grabbed me by the shoulders pulled me away and shouted at Mary, “Don’t you ever give him any money HE DOES NOT DESERVE IT!”

Those five words hid themselves deep in my psyche and kept me from attracting more money then I deserved except by hard work.

One other time, I was a little older 7-8 and I was looking at a new car that one of the neighbors had just bought. I was about climb in for a ride when once again my father came by. He yanked me out of the car by my shirt and shouted “get out of the car. The likes of you and I can never afford to own a car like that.”

Strike two. I will keep strike three a secret for I am still working on it.

I hold no ill will towards my father. He fought in WWII in the Navy and worked as hard as he could with no education. I look back now and I can see that with the combination of poverty, no education and drink, he could do no better.

I tell you this because with all my studies and my use of Radionics which is raising my prana level and my understanding of life on the planet I see that we all need help. Not help in the form of words but help in more life force. More life force so that we can see and solve our own problems. Life is about life force. Those who have it are happier, wealthier and wealthier than those who do not.

I waited 70 years for the Age of Aquarius, the paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Science of Radionics to help me free myself from past painful events that have been affecting my life. If you would like to know more on how I did this, please email me.