Making a Quantum Leap

Since 1992, I’ve been pursuing personal growth with a passion. I’ve attended seminars, listened to audio programs, and read hundreds of books in this field. I’ve easily spent many thousands of dollars and invested thousands of hours on such pursuits. And one thing I can tell you from all of this effort is that personal growth is very, very hard.

Many books, audio programs, and self-help gurus promote the quick fix mentality. Read this book and all your time management problems will vanish. Attend this seminar and you’ll be the next self-made millionaire. This kind of marketing is unfortunate because most people who buy these products will achieve only modest results with them. Then disappointment and disillusionment set in. Some people feel they must be defective if they can’t meet such unrealistic expectations. Maybe I have a genetic predisposition to being lazy. Others conclude the whole personal development field itself is just a sham. [Insert guru name here] is only in it for the money — none of his/her ideas really work.

I’ll say it again. Personal growth is very, very hard. If you think you can read one book or article on time management and instantly erase procrastination and disorder from your life forever, that’s an extremely unrealistic expectation. While a single book can potentially lead you to a big change, most won’t. When you experience a big change in your life, it’s probably the result of a long chain of events, of which reading a particular book was only a small but perhaps critical part.

Personal growth experiences often occur in the form of a quantum leap — a strong and radical shift from one mindset to another. There may be a number of small steps leading up to that leap, but at some point there is a big change, and it happens in an instant. You go to work and suddenly realize you’re going to quit your job; even before you tell your boss, you know you’re certain and that there’s no going back. You decide to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to marry you after you’ve been together for years. You decide you’re done smoking, and you quit for life. These decisions can happen in a mere second – a moment of clarity suddenly hits you, and you know what you have to do. A quantum leap occurs, and from that moment on, you’re never the same again. Some of these leaps appear more gradual than others, but virtually all of them can be traced back to a moment of decision. At some point you made a decision to change. And even before you manifest this change in your physical reality, you immediately know you’re not the same anymore.

It’s rare that reading a single book will produce a quantum leap. Quantum leaps require a large amount of consistent input and energy. When you decide to quit your job or break off your relationship or move to a new city, it may be the result of months or years of dissatisfaction. It may also occur after lots of time spent thinking positively about what life will be like after the shift. Both positive and negative factors can help generate a quantum leap.

Most of the time when people pursue personal growth, they simply don’t invest enough time and energy in a consistent direction to achieve a quantum leap. Maybe you’ve read a book on getting organized, and while you were reading it, the positive energy you experienced moved you closer to making a leap. You felt fairly certain at the time that this was going to work. But then you finished the book (or got sidetracked and didn’t finish it), and the impact of the book gradually faded. You never reached the quantum leap that allowed you to break through to a new level of order in your life. Over a period of days or weeks, your old pattern reasserted itself. Sound familiar?

But it wasn’t the book or the ideas themselves that failed you. The problem was that you didn’t invest enough sustained energy in the same direction to achieve the quantum leap. You never reached the point of no return. Reading a single book was only a small, short-term nudge, albeit in the right direction.

In order for a rocket launched from earth to reach outer space, the rocket must exert a sufficient amount of sustained force to overcome the earth’s gravity. If the rocket’s engines cut out prematurely, the rocket will crash back to earth. Just as it can take a massive amount of sustained force to put a rocket into orbit, recognize that there are certain areas of your life where you may need a large force to knock you into a higher state. Small efforts over a long period of time may do absolutely nothing for you. You can read one time management book a year and be no better at your managing your time.

So what does work? How do you achieve a quantum leap? You need to exert some effort in a particular direction where you want to grow, and you need to consistently sustain it until you achieve a quantum leap. If you stop short, you’ll likely fall right back to where you started. So first of all, if you’re going to target a new quantum leap, you need to commit to sustaining that effort until you hit the leap.

This is why I say personal growth is very hard. Effecting a quantum leap is tough work. It requires a strong force of sustained effort, and you can’t let up until you hit the leap. If you get sidetracked for too long, you have to start over again.

But the bright side is that after you make the leap, you can rest for a bit. You’ve reached a higher state, and you’re going to stay there by default, just as a satellite in orbit will remain in orbit. Sure the orbit may slowly decay, but if that happens it will be over a long period of time, and only a minimal investment of energy is needed to adjust course and sustain your new orbit indefinitely. Quitting smoking may be very difficult. But if you’ve been a nonsmoker for years, it doesn’t take nearly as much effort to remain a nonsmoker; you may need to make some adjustments along the way, but they’ll be minor required to the initial energy required to quit.

Suppose you want to lose weight. You read a book on weight loss and get motivated to lose weight. You join a gym and start working out. After a few weeks, you’ve lost five pounds. But you get busy with work and gradually stop going to the gym. Crash! You gain all the weight back plus a couple more pounds. A few months later you try again. You get inspired and buy some new exercise equipment. Again you use it for several weeks and lose some weight, and again something takes you away from this habit and you gain all the weight back. The next year you join a weight loss organization, adopt their diet plan, and start going to weekly meetings. But after a dozen sessions, you drift again and gain back all the weight you lost. You’ve invested a lot of time, money, and energy into this goal, but it wasn’t enough to hit a quantum leap.

So how would you pursue such a goal as a quantum leaper?

The exact manner of pursuing this goal is up to you of course. But here’s are some ideas that will help you achieve a quantum leap:

* Immerse yourself in your goal. Get clear on your exact goal, and write it down in your own words. Post your goal somewhere you’ll see it every day; I often use the text of my goals as screen savers or write them on my marker board.

* Educate yourself on what it will take to achieve your goal. And I mean really educate yourself to the point where you become an expert. Keep pouring knowledge into your head until you succeed — continuously. Don’t just read one book on the subject. Read 10. Then read 10 more. Then 10 more. Listen to audio programs. Talk to experts. Never let up on your self-education.

* Alter your environment to support the achievement of your goal. This subject was already explored in a previous entry.

* Consciously change the people you spend the most time with such that your goal is supported by those around you. For details read this entry.

One reason people fail to achieve a quantum leap is that they make only a meager effort in these four areas. They don’t get really clear about what they want and keep their goals in their face every day. They invest only a few hours in education instead of several hundred. They maintain an environment that fails to reinforce their new identity. And they continue to cling to people who hold them back. Year after year they remain stuck in unfulfilling careers, unhealthy bodies, stagnant relationships, and incongruent belief systems.

In my own life, I’ve experienced many of these leaps:

1. employee -> independent contractor -> retail game developer -> shareware game developer -> game publisher -> speaker/writer (in progress)

2. SAD (Standard American Diet) -> vegetarian -> vegan (with some branches going into raw foodism, alkalarian diets, whole foods, and macrobiotics)

3. single -> dating -> living together -> engaged -> married -> father of one -> father of two

4. Catholicism -> atheism -> agnosticism -> various new agey stuff -> ? -> Buddhism -> ? -> Bajoran wormhole aliens -> ? -> objectivism -> ? -> ? (the ?s are belief systems that can’t really be labeled)

None of these shifts happened by accident; each leap was a consciously chosen step… well… all except “father of two” — whoops!

If I’d never experienced any of these quantum leaps, I’d be an employed Catholic bachelor who eats the standard American diet. And that’s not necessarily any “better” or “worse” than my current situation (OK, the diet part is a lot better). I don’t think in terms of trying to reach some kind of final destination though. What’s important to me is experiencing the path itself: having been single AND married AND a father, having experienced lots of different belief systems, having worked in a business AND having owned one. In some areas there’s a logical progression; for example, I keep shifting careers to those that give me more and more freedom and which increase my ability to contribute. But in other areas, I find the most growth by experiencing a lot of different perspectives in no particular order, such as in my spiritual growth pursuits.

Yes it’s a lot of hard work to achieve a quantum leap in any of these areas, but I think the alternative of stagnation is worse. You can pursue the quick fix methodology and fall flat on your face over and over. Or you can accept that the change you want is going to be hard and that it may take years to achieve, but it will be worth it. And best of all, once you’ve gone through a few quantum leaps, you may learn to enjoy the process of building up to the next one. It’s deeply satisfying to look back on your previous state of being and see how much you’ve grown.

The Quantum Dimension

Frequently when I am asked to explain the influences on the development of Advanced Neuro-Noetic Hypnosis TM I mention the role of quantum physics. Yet, rarely do I clarify my comment. So, this article is intended to correct that as I give a very brief introduction to the major tenets that affect ANNH. What I am going to answer here is what is quantum physics and what are its implications for psychotherapy.

I wish to start out by saying that this is not the same banal “name dropping” that you have become accustomed to hearing from many self-help figures, who speak frequently at conferences. Indeed, if you are like me, you’ve probably been bombarded by the word “quantum” prefixing the words birthing, touch, breathing, and focus – concepts that rarely have anything to do with either science or subatomic particles. (Of course, I apologize to my esteemed colleagues who espouse such doctrines should my education have missed this connection. However, I have yet to find it.) Conversely, I assure you that the influence of quantum physics on ANNH is both genuine and scientific.

First, what is quantum physics – or as some prefer, quantum mechanics. The word “quantum” literally means “how much” and generally refers to the activity of energy at the atomic and subatomic levels. Its relevance to physics and its implications on philosophical endeavors comes from the destruction of previous paradigms. There are four core concepts, which involve the wave theory of energy, entanglement, observation, and consciousness.

Starting with the nineteenth century work by James Clerk Maxwell, there has been a general conclusion that light, electricity, and magnetism are all variations of the same entity – which is called energy. When the physicist Neils Bohr and others started looking into this further – and especially at the subatomic level – it was discovered that all energy has wave-like behavior.

One of the concepts that came out of early quantum physics research and dialogs was that of quantum entanglement. Essentially, this refers to how a quantum particle in one location and another related one that is several light years away will change simultaneously. For many scientists this was a hard fact to accept. Even Einstein, who openly stated that “imagination is more important than knowledge” said that the entanglement theory was “spooky action at a distance.” Nevertheless, its implications possibly shed light on Professor Giacoma Rizzolatti’s mirror neuron discovery of the 1990’s and the “100th monkey” theory of social change.

Physicist Michio Kaku, PhD, and physicist turned-psychologist Dean Radin, PhD, have reported something that is even more interesting. They have publicly documented numerous research projects showing that subatomic energy will be affected when attention is redirected to it. In other words, when we shift our awareness – whether conscious or pre-conscious – to an item, we transform it. This transformation through the power of observation is one of the most valuable insights into our ability to affect our internal or external environment.

The last of the major quantum concepts is that which is called the “quantum enigma.” The basic premise here is that when we explore the subatomic realm, we notice that there is a sensing and reaction to externalities. This, of course, is related to the quantum observation and quantum entanglement ideas just mentioned. The idea is that even at this level there is a consciousness that shows a level of intelligence. When considering the spiritual implications, it disturbingly connects Godless-science and religion, which is generally viewed as being devoid of science. Furthermore, this seems to be the underlying explanation of many of the morphogenetic field implications discussed by Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, the British biochemist and plant physiologist, who has dared to conduct valid scientific research into parapsychology.

What quantum physics seems to be telling us is that consciousness permeates all of reality and that when we focus our minds the target is to some degree influenced. Thus quantum physics fits ANNH quite nicely. In earlier articles I said that everything in us and around us is made up of patterns. Indeed, this is true down to the subatomic level. Then I showed that all patterns possess both a consciousness and an intelligence. Again, this has been confirmed by quantum physics. And, lastly the object of our focused suggestion and imagination changes energy distributions in our brain, body, and even in our social structure and physical environment.

While the linkage between the solid science behind quantum physics and ANNH is undeniable, my exploration into the practical use of theoretical science does not stop there. Having been a very strong advocate of open minded yet science-based thinking, I look with curiosity and wonder at other concepts such as multi-dimensionality, time warps and worm holes, and much more. Even though I feel an increased level of discomfort when I try to think in more than three dimensions, mathematicians and theoretical physicists discuss that there are at least 26. Additionally, Einstein’s theory that space and time are connected and that the fabric of space/time is wrinkled, thereby allowing worm holes to tunnel through to alternate realities, leaves us to question the stability of our concept of the known universe – and limited possibilities. As a theorist who focuses on human transformation, I feel a need to reiterate a quote from Matt James, PhD, the president of American Pacific University. Dr. James says, that “no matter who we think we are, we are more than that.” I could not have said it any better.

To a psychotherapist, these scientific theories present plenty of implications. They must realize that their client’s focus is a major factor in how transformation occurs. Likewise, the attention of the clinician also should be considered. Then by realizing that possibilities are endless, both the practitioner and the subject should be free from limited thinking. Knowing that everything within us is a collective of intelligences merely waiting to be orchestrated leads us to a radically different approach to how we communicate with others and with ourselves. Together these allow the therapist to begin reshaping how they pursue their sessions.

When I explore the universe of theoretical science I do so with a high degree of welcomed discomfort. Previously, I was extremely at home with my indoctrination into the spiritual, less “cerebral” approach to hypnotherapy and the blind assumption and adherence to the myth of the all-mighty subconscious mind. So, it has taken a major shift for me to step outside my “world is flat” zone and start journeying through the pages of astrophysics, theoretical physics, neurology, and the like. However, once I got past my initial hesitancy I began experiencing a series of life-changing epiphanies as I discovered that our predominant view of human nature and potential is all too limited. Understanding the value of the complex matrix of multiple intelligences that make up our neurophysiology and the fact that each and every possibility that could ever be imagined is real at some level, I started accepting that we have a tremendous potential and capability to change. So, I too agree with Dr. James, we are indeed “more than that.”

Quantum Jumping Review: Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping Program

Have you heard of the Quantum Jumping program by Burt Goldman?

There’s been quiet a bit of talk surrounding Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping program lately. The fact you’re reading this article indicates you’ve probably heard of the program before but like many are confused as to what it actually is and what it does.

So what exactly is it?

Quantum Jumping is a multi-media coaching program which combines deep guided meditation and advanced visualization techniques among other science and spirituality practices which help the user tap into their subconscious and supposedly learn from their alternate selves.

Now whilst this may sound far-fetched to those who aren’t familiar with expanded and human consciousness, it is in fact a concept that’s long been recognized by science, namely quantum physics. Whilst learning from an alternate self may disrepute the books of science, consciousness and the possibility of multiple universes however is very real.

Isn’t Quantum Jumping the same as Astral Projecting then?

Yes and no! Astral projection is likened to an OBE (out-of-body experience), only the person is in control of the experience. Astral projecting is less about a learning process and more about commanding the subconscious to travel the astral planes (spiritual world).

Pretty deep I know!

Does Quantum Jumping Work?

It’s difficult to answer this question as it depends on what you expect to gain. I am a genuine user of Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping and it has helped me with writer’s block, organizational skills and a few other key areas for my productivity.

It’s also well documented that Burt Goldman the developer of Quantum Jumping achieved some amazing feats at a later stage in life (Google his name and you’ll learn a little more about him). Burt accredits his achievements to his Quantum Jumping technique that he developed.

A little more on Burt Goldman

Burt Goldman, also known as the “American Monk” to his fans and followers is well-educated and informed in the field of human consciousness. Having spent time with the monks training towards enlightenment, Burt used these techniques and practices to enrich his own life before deciding to educate others in these fields also.

Wrapping it up

There’s been more and more interest in quantum physics, quantum mechanics and human consciousness over the last few years. It seems to be a scientific understanding beyond anything before that really leaves an open debate and gets you thinking.

Just how powerful is the human mind? Is it really possible that we define our own reality? Does all matter derive from one unified Quantum field?

These are the types of wormholes opened up by the crazy world of quantum physics/ mechanics.

So when it comes to Quantum Jumping I like to keep an open mind. I find at its core it’s a combination of deep guided meditation with advanced visualization techniques for accessing the subconscious. What you gain from it depends on what you put into it and what you expect to gain.

How Can the Quantum Wealth System Help You in Your Genewize Business?

There has been much fanfare in recent months with the launch of Genewize Life Sciences. The reason for this stems from what Genewize can do for your health. But for people that want to use the product, as well as get the word out to build a business, that’s where the Quantum Wealth System comes into play. Let me explain.

Many people raid their neighborhood health stores in an attempt to become as healthy as they can possibly be. Nothing wrong with that. They buy every pill, potion, and lotion in an attempt to feel and look there best. And although you may think this is the best option, is there a better one?

That’s where Genewize tries to help. For the people who believe in this “buy every vitamin and mineral out there,” mentality, the problem is this; Every persons biological and genetic makeup is different. Given this fact, it just stands to reason that there nutritional demands will be different.

Some individuals may need more of certain vitamins and minerals, and less of others. Other individuals will be the opposite (less of some and more of others). Some may need certain compounds that are not even found in your typical supplements.

That is the reason you may not be doing yourself justice by taking a “one size fits all approach,” which is buying every pill or potion on the market. In order to obtain optimal health, you need supplementation that is tailor made for your specific body. Anything else is a waste of supplementation.

So let’s say that you are sold on the product, and you want to tell the world about it, but that the traditional model of MLM does not tickle your fancy (hotel meetings, cold-calling business opportunity leads, bugging your friends, etc.,). What to do?

That’s where the Quantum Wealth System comes into play. This is a collaboration between Daegan Smith and Michael Anderson, both extremely successful people in the Network Marketing field. Actually, Daegan Smith himself has come out of retirement in order to promote this Genewize opportunity (tells you how impressed he is about this opportunity).

The Quantum Wealth System is an automated prospecting system that qualifies, teaches, and duplicates your downline for you without you personally having to make phone calls, sales presentations, personal selling, or answering questions.

It is all built into the system for you on autopilot. There is also a funded proposal built into the Quantum Wealth System so the person using the system can become cash positive as fast as possible WITHOUT recruiting a single member. This also helps pay for the marketing so you can grow your business without coming out of pocket. This is done by adding income streams to the autopilot system. This system works for you 24/7 without any maintenance on your part.

But the absolute best part of the system comes from the training. In most autopilot systems, they offer either no training, or training that is too advanced for the newbie or even intermediate marketer to use. Another negative is that they only offer marketing training where they only teach paid advertising techniques.

This is where the Quantum Wealth System shines. First off, they offer video marketing to make it super simple. Just sit down, click the “play” button, and watch. Another great aspect is that the video’s aren’t super long, so I am able to actually pay attention. They only teach the meat of the material, with no fluff. Get to the point, teach it thoroughly, and move on.

One other great aspect of the training is that they give you a plan to follow every morning. This is great because they don’t just teach the material, then just throw you to the wolves to figure out HOW to put it all together. They give you a 58 minute plan of action to follow every morning (or night, depending on your schedule) so even the newest of marketers can get up to speed right away. And these are the techniques that Daegan himself has used to build his business to six figures per month (yes, per month, not per year).

So if you are interested in what Genewize has to offer and you are looking for an automated system to use (and get a top notch education in marketing at the same time from a seven figure earner), then check out the Quantum Wealth system.