Quantum Learning KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)

I remember something a great sales motivator once said. It was many years ago and I was selling “Best Line”, bio-degradable products part time.

He said, “K.I.S.S.”, “Keep It Simple Stupid!” Of everything else he said only this sticks clearly in my mind.

When I took it upon myself to write about the differences between what I call “Scientific Quantum Physics” and “Spiritual Quantum Physics,” I remembered K.I.S.S.

Along with all the technical knowledge that the “Scientific Quantum Physicists” throw at us, for a smoke screen, the biggest difference between us is that they forget “K.I.S.S.”

Men with superior intelligence, but lacking in common sense and wisdom tend to jealously guard what they think is their private area of expertise.

I noticed this when I was teaching math for 17 years at the college level.

Many of the math professors with Ph D’s seemed to only teach their students just enough for them to understand the subject matter at hand. But they did not want to give the students “too much.” They might become smarter than the instructor and possibly take their job sometime in the future.

You will find this, “selfish guarding” of more stuff in every walk of life. In the board rooms of corporations, in the universities and the medical world.

They all want to ensure job security, by holding something back. It seems to be the same with physicists, professors and mathematicians, who have claimed “Scientific Quantum Physics” as theirs and theirs alone.

They tell us just enough to peak our curiosity and to keep themselves in the cat bird seat of expertise. They use and invent words and theories so that it makes it very difficult for the average man on the street to understand Quantum Physics.

They deliberately leave out the K.I.S.S.

I say the whole world needs a double dip dose of K.I.S.S.

The Age of Aquarius has given us a new paradigm called the Laws of Quantum Physics. These laws will tear off the lid of the box called, “Reserved for Specialists.”

These laws explain to everyone how the Universe works. How the Creator God creates and how we can use them to better our lives.

The “K.I.S.S.” laws of Quantum Physics tell us thoughts are things and everything is Energy. And how to use our thoughts and energy to create a better world.

The intellectual Specialists spend all their time and our money chasing protons and splitting atoms and dissecting the know Universe smaller and smaller seeking answers.

And all that may be well and good. But it needs to be limited. Let them belong to their exclusive universities and laboratories but let us take them off the “Iconoclastic Pedestals,” they have built for themselves.

The new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics is for EVERYONE.

If they want to remain as experts and specialists for Quantum Physics, so be it. But keep it to themselves.

We have experts who can fix our automobiles and that is good. I don’t need to know how to fix my car, only how to drive it to make my life pleasant.

I don’t have to know how my DNA works, nor do the billions of others on the planet. This knowledge does nothing to improve my life.

I have no desire to change the DNA structure of humanity or clone things The Creator God did quite well for the past 100,000 years or so. And will continue to do it.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The Laws of Quantum Physics are a gift to us from the Creator God.

Let us K.I.S.S. And use it to benefit and make the lives of the billions of people on the planet healthier, wealthier and wise.

Let the “intelligent experts” stay in their ivory towers. If they do not wish to share their secrets on how all of us can live better; then they should stop telling us what to do.

A farmer growing bread is much more valuable to mankind than a scientist trying to change the world to fit his ideas of it.

More importantly we now have the “Every man’s” laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics. They are Free, Let’s share them.