Quantum Mechanics and The Golden Rule

Have you been intrigued by the Golden Rule stating that you should treat others, as you want to be treated? This simple yet profoundly powerful statement has served people of diverse cultures and ideologies for thousands of years. It has been revered and endorsed by all the world’s great religions. It must have elements of universal truth and goodness to have withstood advances in human development, practical neuroscience, technology, education, philosophy and modern psychology. With our global population at 7 billion people, we urgently need broader and deeper application of universal truths that serve all humanity. There may be no better truth and transformative power than the Golden Rule.

Shifting the context of the Golden Rule around its central axis reveals another aspect of its universal truth and power. This thinking was sparked by the author’s spiritual journey with his accompanying life path work in practical neuroscience. The intention behind this article is to expand use of the original Golden Rule and for more people to role-model and teach others its awesome and divine power.

I believe the Golden Rule can be re-contextualized as, “The way we treat others, we receive the same treatment.” When we treat others in loving, compassionate, empathetic, helpful and caring ways, we receive the gift ourselves. This occurs even when the intended “receiver” does not acknowledge the gift and we cannot sense any changes. When we dispense hurtful and wounding thoughts, words and actions, we receive the effect, as well. In fact, the giver is the first to receive what is transmitted because they are the originator of the thought. The bottom-line is that giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin.

What we give (e.g. from the spectrum of love to fear) is received by the giver first. This may be difficult to understand. On an experiential level, think about a time you thought loving and kind thoughts about someone or a situation. What did you experience, feel and receive while you were thinking or dispensing your thoughts, words or actions? How could you possibly experience anything other than positive and loving feeling? Now recall a time you had hateful, negative thoughts and, perhaps, said things you now regret. Did you experience the feeling you were transmitting?

It may be helpful to look at the connectivity of this “giving and receiving” principle through the lens of quantum mechanics. Simply stated, everything in the universe is connected in some way. The “observer effect” says that observing something changes that which is observed in some manner. Thinking, tapping into your memory and emotions, using imagination, constructing and saying words silently or aloud, and planning actions are all powerful and irreversible “energies” in the quantum world.

A popular and well documented illustration of the quantum mechanics of thoughts, words and visual imagery is the book, The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. The photographs show how the crystalline structure of water is transformed into beautiful and spectacular images by prayer, loving words and positive images. This effect occurs with the most polluted and toxic water imaginable. Conversely, clean water is transformed into dark, frightening crystalline structures with negative imagery, thoughts and words.

If thoughts, words and visual images change the crystalline structure of water, think about the effects on the human brain and body, constituted of 55% to 78% water, depending on body weight. Dr. Emoto’s stunning contribution helps us understand and appreciate the importance of The Golden Rule through the lens of quantum mechanics.

In conclusion, The Golden Rule may be the most important and powerful truth available to change the quality of our lives and the world in which we live. When people of like minds think and act-out the same thoughts, the transmitted power may be exponential. The “transmitter” is always the first to receive what is given, regardless of quality, intention and content. Good and positive thoughts create good and positive effects. Conversely, negative thoughts have negative effects. The choice is ours.