Quantum Physics and the New Spiritual Educational System

Now that we have entered into the Age of Aquarius, and will remain there for 2000 years, we must find new ways of doing things. The new paradigm of the Laws of Quantum Physics have given us the tools to help us make these positive changes. But, we must use the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics which will lead us to freedom and individualization. These are two key words for the Age of Aquarius. Scientific quantum physics as taught in the universities and practiced by the scientists, doctors and physicists will just lead us to more materialism and spirituality-dead technology. The single most important change humanity must make is to stop rushing down the path that leads to more materialism and technology. We are spiritual beings – not robotic consumers.

It is time to use the Laws of Spiritual Quantum Physics and head slowly but steadily up the path that leads to spirituality. Where does one begin to make these changes? How do we change our direction? With the children! A great man said in 1940, “children are our most precious assets.” We need, as parents and grand parents, to take control of our children’s lives once again. We need to free them from the clutches of what today is called “the educational system.” Our educational system stinks! More than stinks, it is destroying our children’s minds.

We need to completely overhaul our educational system or get out of the way and let It fall under the weight of its own arrogance and stupidity. Another great man said, 2000 years ago, “come ye out from amongst them and let the dead bury the dead.” The dead rule our educational system. The living children only obey.

If we can’t slowly change our educational system then it is time for every caring parent and grand parent to take their children out of the school system and “home school” them. Let me give you some of my reasons why I think the present school system, from kindergarten through college is dangerous to our children. I speak from experience. Being a retired math professor of 18 years. I have seen the results of public education. Formal education today is 100% against the natural structure and function of what a child is and should become.

Today’s formal education is a stupid-making factory. Its curriculum create a systematic retardation of the individual. Today’s schools have turned into baby-sitters that take the children off the controlling hands of their parents. It is a form of social engineering that conditions and brain washes the children to make them obedient slaves to the business and commercial leaders. It seems, by and large, to be a form of mental rape of the student who is forced into non-life related studies. Today it truly seems as if the “authorities” in education, commerce and religion and the other institutions want machines that think and people who don’t and can’t. Save your children. Home school!