Spiritual Quantum Physics – Fall of Age of Pisces

The Fall of the Age of Pisces

Now that we have rotated around our Galactic Sun into a thirty degree Arc in space called ‘The Age of Aquarius’, ‘The Age of Pisces’ will die.

Just as our Earth rotates around our Sun once a year, our whole Solar System rotates around our Galactic Sun every 2000 years.

The energies that we will be experiencing throughout our whole Solar System will be different. It will be new energy that we can use to create new realities for ourselves. The ‘Age of Aquarius’ will be a mental energy. The ‘Age of Pisces’ was an emotional energy.

The ‘Age of Aquarius’ will be an age of ‘I Know.” Many of the so called secrets of our Solar System and Galaxy will be opened to us.

Man stands on the brink of an Age that will raise his consciousness and his wisdom and knowledge.

We have 1950 years left in this marvelous journey around the Galactic Sun.

Already we have discovered the Laws of Quantum Physics, the Sciences of Radionics and Orgone Generation and the Internet. Who knows what the next 1950 years will bring.

New Sciences, new religions, new healing techniques, new harmonious ways to live and share the planet, new visitors from other parts of our Galaxy.

This new mental energy of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ is pure energy not yet manifested into physical objects or realities. It is up to us to use our minds and shape this new Galactic energy to create a healthier, happier world.

The Laws of Quantum Physics tell us that there exists an infinite Ocean of intelligent thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean. Spiritual Quantum Physics calls it the Mind of God.

We live, move and have our being in this Quantum Ocean, Mind of God. Our thoughts interact with the infinite intelligent energy of the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and we create our physical reality that we see all about us. We create our lives.

We can now use our mind to create thoughts that will interact with the intelligent energy of the Quantum Ocean and create a new reality for ourselves and mankind.

The one basic rule of Spiritual Quantum Physics is that thoughts are things and they create. Therefore stop thinking about what you don’t want and start thinking about what you do want.

The ‘Age of Aquarius’ with it’s new energy will be with us for 1950 more years.

The ‘Age of Pisces’ is dying. The energy that creates all the Piscean realities, has stopped. We no longer exist in that part of our Galaxy, called ‘The Age of Pisces.’ Therefore there is no cosmic energy to keep the ‘Age of Pisces’ energies running.

Frank Buck, the great ‘White Hunter’ who filled our zoos with captured animals told a story about a water buffalo. One day while he was out hunting with his gun bearer, a huge water buffalo arose out of the lake and charged them. Buck reached for his big bore gun from his gun bearer, aimed, fired and killed the water buffalo. But the power and momentum of the dead buffalo kept it coming. It brushed Buck and killed his gun bearer.

The gun bearer was killed by a ‘dead buffalo’ because of it’s momentum.

Don’t let the dying edifices of ‘The Age of Pisces’ fall on you and kill you. Get out of it’s way.

It will take another hundred years or so before these dinosaurs of the Piscean Age will die but they will take millions of unconscious people with them.

What are some of these dying Piscean institutions? The formal dogmatic religions, the outdated political systems, the chemically, scalpel orientated AMA, the huge shark like corporations, the war machines, the ignorant educational systems to name a few.

The ‘Age of Pisces’ was governed by the words ‘I Believe.’ Mankind believed for 2000 years what a few self-appointed leaders in all fields told them.

Now, in the ‘Age of Aquarius’, the key words are ‘I Know.’ Man will individually be given the chance to know what life is all about and not have to take another’s belief system of what life is all about.

A great teacher 2000 years ago told man what to do it is still valid today. ‘Come ye out from amongst them, and let the dead bury the dead.’ Let Pisces bury itself.